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Developing a strategic plan to get you from here to there

Connecting you with the companies you need to produce and distribute high-quality feed material, additives and premixes

Providing customised nutrition and husbandry solutions in the field with our team of highly trained specialists

Locating professionals for the production of specialised compounds within the veterinary pharmaceutical sector

Sourcing in-demand experts to customise your premixes with
high-tech, functional ingredients for human nutrition

About us

Fedro provides consultancy services in animal and human nutrition to businesses operating across the value chain in the agro-zoo veterinary, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and food & feed additives industries.

We create solutions for our clients, forging connections and facilitating partnerships in and across European and Asian markets. Our strategic location in Singapore enables us to provide responsive and flexible service throughout the entire APAC region, and be key to removing barriers for our clients in carrying out business between both continents.

Our aim is to bolster the overall quality of animal and human nutrition and health by encouraging innovation and modernisation, and by reinforcing and disseminating high-quality knowledge within the sector.

Customer satisfaction is at the centre of all we do, and our real-time support ensures that our clients receive the most suitable solutions to meet their needs.

Placing your trust in Fedro is a secure investment guaranteeing the achievement of your targets in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

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Where the
East and the West

Our Mission

To connect clients with the suppliers, services and solutions they need to protect and improve performance, and to bolster the overall quality of nutrition and health worldwide

Our Strengths

Our domain expertise

Our people are our strength. We employ a growing pool of highly skilled commercial, technical and scientific specialists, all experts in their chosen domain. They stay abreast of new developments, maintaining constant contact with our wide and expanding partner base and our producer and supplier networks as well as key decision-makers and stakeholders in the industry.

Their skills, combined with our knowledge of economic systems, the ability to listen to requirements and the resolve to provide ideal solutions to our clients, are the characterising features of our identity.

Our network

Our clients perceive us as an effective connection platform. We make it our mission to connect daily with our partners and customers, from purchasing managers to technical and scientific nutritionists. In doing so, we are better positioned to understand how we can facilitate their operations and connect them with suitable partners to help them meet their business objectives.

Our adaptability

We are a constantly evolving business. We recognise the need to stay nimble, versatile and dynamic to meet ever-changing economic and technical landscapes, and undertake continuous training to stay relevant to our clients, stakeholders and markets.

Your one-stop resource

Fedro offers our clients a wide range of reliable services including market research, brand positioning, partner referrals and product portfolio analysis as well as after-sales technical assistance provided by our team of nutritionists and other specialists.

Our Services

High-quality feed not only benefits farmers and agriculture – it has a positive effect on the end consumer too. We connect you with the best suppliers in the market through our established network of reliable, safe and sustainable partners to ensure you always have access to first-class feed material, additives, premixes and specialised compounds.
Advanced technology is transforming the way the world manages and cares for livestock. We introduce you to market-leading companies that design and manufacture cutting-edge agricultural machinery and equipment for proper feeding, breeding, housing, health care and more.
We are what we eat. And with a growing awareness of what actually goes into our food before we consume it, the need for higher quality ingredients, sustainable production and reliable manufacturing processes is more important than ever. After gaining a thorough understanding of your needs, we facilitate partnerships with leading suppliers so you can be sure product development and processing is always of the highest standard.
Whether you require a supplier, distributor or trader to meet your business goals, we are proud to enable partnerships across the world. With our in-depth research, analysis and evaluation process, as well as access to our extensive network, we identify the best partners in the market at all management levels, ensuring that they meet our standards for reliability, safety and sustainability. With Fedro, you always have access to high quality solutions.
Before you jump into a new market, we undertake an analysis to determine the impact your product will have as well as the market’s growth potential. We then work closely with you to create a unique brand that is localised to appeal to your intended audience and develop a targeted business plan. The result is a strategy designed to achieve high ROI and bring you tangible results.

Complying with regional and international regulations is essential in the animal and human nutrition and health sectors. We assist you in the evaluation, preparation of the registration dossier and registration of feed and additives for animal consumption to ensure you are always in compliance with regulations. Our expansive network of contacts and our in-depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements in your targeted country result in a faster speed to market for your products.

We provide consultancy services related to Pharmacovigilance, REACH, CLP and ADR for the EU market and other countries and regulatory sectors.

Our full after-sales technical support services include product proposals and formulations, sales team training, experiment design and management, and cutting-edge solutions to help you futureproof your business. We also support you in the registration process of products and suggest impactful resolutions to satisfy customer queries.

Who we serve

Our clients include those working in animal husbandry as well as businesses producing, trading and distributing products in animal and human nutrition with a focus on:

  • feed additives, premixes, commodities
  • veterinary medicinal products (VMPs)
  • fine chemicals
  • sanitisers and disinfectants
  • food supplements

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